Infection Control


Hard Surface Disinfectant 32 oz.

32 oz. concentrate makes 16 gallons;
bonus qt. spray bottle included

Our economically-priced Cetylcide-II Concentrate is an EPA-registered, broad-spectrum hospital disinfectant effective against 140+ disease-causing organisms including; HIV, MRSA, VRE, HBV, and Influenza A / Brazil Virus (H1N1). Easily diluted in tap water, Cetylcide-II concentrate is now available in FOUR convenient packages to meet the needs of facilities of every size.

Cetylcide-II Hard Surface Disinfectant 1/2 oz. Kit

1/2 oz. concentrate makes 1 qt.; bonus qt. spray bottle included

You can easily mix one quart and give Cetyllcide-II a try in your facility. Safe on most surfaces, including your vinyl chairs.

Cetylcide-II Hard Surface Disinfectant in 1/2 oz. Refills

Pre-Measured Bottles, Bulk Packs

Our economically-priced Cetylcide-II Concentrate is available pre-measured, to quickly mix a quart of solution. Available in packs of 6, or packs of 12. Each bottle is 1/2 oz. and yields one quart of use solution.

Ultrasonic Power Cleaner Concentrate

General Purpose Ultrasonic Cleaner with Rust Inhibitor

Cetylite Power Cleaner is a highly concentrated general purpose ultrasonic cleaner that makes 32 gallons of ultrasonic soolution. It can also be used as a holding solution or as a carrier for special cleaning in beakers which must be placed in a general purpose solution.

Cetyl-Zyme Dual Enzymatic Instrument Cleaners

Cetyl-Zyme Pro-Am Dual Enzymatic Detergent Concentrate

Cetyl-Zyme Pro-Am is a low-foaming, protease-amylase dual enzymatic, neutral pH detergent for cleaning delicate medical and dental instruments, evacuation line, and equipment. One gallon will make 128 gallons of use solution.

Cetyl-Zyme Foaming Detergent Instrument Holding Spray

Cetyl-Zyme Pro-Am Foam is a ready-to- use dual enzymatic detergent packaged in a convenient spray bottle. Formulated to be sprayed directly on to dental and surgical instruments. Cetyl-Zyme Pro-Am Foam Spray keeps instruments moist until they can be processed for disinfection or sterilization.

Cetylcide-G High-Level Disinfectant/Sterilant Concentrate and Diluent

Cetylcide-G is a pleasantly-scented glutaraldehyde-based sterilant/high-level disinfectant in an easy-measure tip-and-pour bottle allows you to mix just the amount needed.

C-Tub Instrument Receptacle

The C-Tub is the most functional and durable instrument receptacle available. Both large and small instruments can be disinfected or sterilized in the C-Tub.

Hyde-Out Aldehyde Neutralizer

Hyde-Out neutralizes glutaraldehyde and OPA high level disinfectant / sterilant solutions and converts the solution into non-toxic, non-hazardous waste.*