Cetacaine® (Single-Patient Package)

Topical Anesthetic Spray

(Benzocaine 14.0 %, Butamben 2.0 %, Tetracaine Hydrochloride 2.0 %)

Cetacaine for single-patient use is the same trusted formula you have relied upon for 60+ years.

  • Single-patient package virtually eliminates cross contamination
  • BCMA (Bar Code Medication Administration) inclusion improves billing accuracy, prevents medication errors, and improves efficiency
  • The ONLY topical anesthetic spray indicated for gag reflex suppression
  • Combination of active ingredients is proven more effective than Benzocaine alone1
  • Onset of anesthesia is rapid (approximately 30 seconds) and duration is typically 30-60 minutes, when used as directed

1. Adriani J, Mehta D, Naraghi M. Mixtures of local anesthetics: The Effectiveness of Combinations of Benzocaine, Butamben, and Tetracaine Topically. Anesthesiology Review. 1981; 12:15-19.

Item #0222

NDC 10223-0201-4

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