Dental Materials

Cavity Varnish & desensitizing

Zarosen Desensitizing Cavity Varnish and Dentinal Tubuli Seal

Contains 1 - 14g bottle

Strontium-based desensitizer Penetrates, fills and seals tubuli with desensitizing agent Tooth need not be dried prior to application.

Varnal Cavity Varnish

Contains 1 - 14g bottle

One-step fast-drying cavity varnish Protects dentin, penetrates, fills and seals tubuli. Only one application required per tooth prep.

PROTEXIN® mouth rinse and sprays

Protexin Mouthwash
Concentrate - Mint

Protexin Mouthwash Concentrate cleans the mouth of debris and ropy saliva leaving a fresh, long lasting taste. Protexin can be dispensed directly into a chair-side cup or pre-mixed to create up to two gallons of ready-to-use mouthwash.

Protexin® Professional
Breath Freshener Spray

Protexin Mint Spray refreshes breath before or after operatory procedures. May also be sprayed on exam gloves to impart pleasant mint taste and scent to patient.

Available in single 2oz. pump spray bottle or in a kit of 3 with bonus personal size spray.


Dee Fog Anti-Fog Treatments

Dee Fog provides clear, undistorted mirror vision. Specially formulated to prevent fogging, distortion, and bubbling on glass and front surface mirrors. Available in spray or liquid drop bottles.