Cetyl-Zyme Pro-Am®

  • Dual Enzymatic Formula: Protease - Amylase
  • Neutral pH Formula
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Pleasant Scent
  • Instruments remain moist for up to 4 hours following application
  • Provides alternative to using liquid pre-soak which can be cumbersome to transport

Cetyl-Zyme Pro-Am Foam is a ready-to-use dual enzymatic detergent packaged in a convenient spray bottle.  Formulated with protease and amylase enzymes, Cetyl-Zyme Pro-Am Foam helps to break down blood proteins and starches present on contaminated instruments and equipment, thus allowing for easier and more thorough cleaning. It is sprayed directly to dental and surgical instruments.  Cetyl-Zyme Pro-Am Foam Spray is designed to keep instruments moist for up to four hours until they can be processed for cleaning. It can be used on instruments found in hospitals, medical offices, and dental offices. Instruments may be sprayed in any appropriate receptacle.