C-Tub® Receptacle for Infection  Protection Solutions

  • Holds up to 1 gallon of solution
  • Holds up to 3x as many instruments as traditional disinfiecting trays
  • Basket hooks allow for unattended draining capabilities
  • Guaranteed against breakage in normal use
  • Transparent lid reduces technician exposure to chemicals
  • Embossed measuring markers for in-recepticle mixing
  • Tapered container

The C-Tub, holding up to one gallon of use-solution, is the most functional and durable instrument receptacle available.. Both large and small instruments can be disinfected or sterilized in the C-Tub. It can hold up to three times as many instruments as a conventional disinfecting tray, while occupying the same amount of counter space.

Convenient molded-in fluid level indicators allow use-solution to be mixed directly in the C-Tub, thereby eliminating the need for extra containers. The see through C-Tub lid allows the technician clear view of contents inside basket without unnecessary exposure to fumes. When lifting the inner basket the out-board handles protect hands from touching solution.Molded-in tabs allow it to be set into the side of the C-Tub, where it can drain unattended.

There is also a mini-basket which fits inside the larger equipment basket and holds small items. All of the parts are made from advanced plastics that are highly resistant to chemicals and impact.

The C-Tub was designed specifically to be used with Cetylcide-G, Cetylite’s high-level disinfectant sterilant, but may be used with any disinfecting or sterilizing products. Certain products containing phenol or iodophors may stain the C-Tub.

Tub: L 13.5"x W 7.5"x H 6.25"
Inner Basket: L 13.5"x W 5"x H 4"
Mini Basket: L 5"x W 1.9375"x H 1.4375"