Infection Protection

Over sixty years ago, Cetylite, Inc. introduced the first concentrated infection protection disinfectant to the market.  Today, our suite of infection protection products includes disinfectants, ultrasonic cleaning solutions, enzymatic detergents, and neutralizers.  Most of our products are still concentrated formulas saving our customers shipping costs, reducing storage space, and yielding the lowest cost per gallon of use solution.

Cetylite, Inc. offers a variety of disinfectants to accommodate your needs.  Cetylite, Inc. maintains consistency with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures (OSAP) guidelines. Cetylcide II® is a concentrated formula used for cleaning and disinfecting of water safe hard surfaces. Cetylcide-G® is a concentrated, high-level disinfectant/sterilant used for cleaning and sterilizing instruments.  The C-Tub® is a sterilizing/disinfecting receptacle for manually processing instruments.  .

Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions and Holding Solutions
Ultrasonic cleaning solutions contain various ingredients designed to optimize the ultrasonic cleaning process.  The solution reduces the surface tension between the instrument parts and the soil attached to them.  Water alone is less effective than an ultrasonic solution.  A chemical formula is required  to achieve optimal sonication and effective cleaning of the most intricately constructed instruments.    Cetylite, Inc. manufactures Power Cleaner, a concentrated general purpose ultrasonic cleaning and holding solution, delivering the maximum potential of any ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Enzymatic Detergents
Enzymes enhance detergent cleaning by breaking down large, hard to remove materials into smaller, easier to remove particles.  Enzymatic cleaning solutions are appropriate for automated endoscope reprocessors (AER) and washer sterilizers/decontaminators. Cetylite’s enzymatic detergent, Cetyl-Zyme Pro Am®, is sold in a concentrated form as well as in a ready-to-use spray foam.

Aldehyde Neutralizer
Disposing of used aldehyde-based disinfectants can be extremely dangerous, not just for the environment, but for your staff as well. Many states are enacting regulations on how to dispose of used aldehyde-based disinfectants, making it illegal to dump untreated aldehyde-based disinfectant down the drain.  The most well-known legislation is California State Senate Bill #2035.  Cetylite’s Hyde-Out® Aldehyde Neutralizer, uses glycine as the active neutralizing chemical and therefore complies with this legislation.