Hyde-Out® Aldehyde Neutralizer

  • Fast acting - 5 minutes to complete neutralization
  • Each bottle neutralizes up to 1 gallon of glutaraldyhyde or 8 gallons of Ortho-phthalaldhyde (OPA)
  • No-mess dispensing with easy tip-and-pour bottle
  • Converts solutions into non-toxic, nonhazardous waste that is ready for disposal
  • Reduces harmful vapors
  • Glycine-based
  • Complies with California Health and Safety Code section 25123.5 (c)
  • 32 oz. bottle

Hyde-Out Aldehyde Neutralizer neutralizes glutaraldehyde and OPA high-level disinfectant / sterilant solutions and converts the solution into non-hazardous waste. Once neutralized, solutions may be safely washed down the drain.* Each quart (32 oz) of Hyde-Out will neutralize up to 1 gallon of glutaraldehyde and 8 gallons of OPA. Correct measurement of the Hyde-Out solution is made easy using the tip-and-pour bottle with graduated label.

*Consult with your local water authority to determine the requirements of glutaraldehyde/ OPA disposal