Protexin® Mouthwash Concentrate

  • Zinc Chloride formula
  • Package contains three 1 oz. bottles of concentrate.  Each bottle makes two gallons.
  • Economical, easily stored and eliminates bulky containers
  • Mint flavor
  • May be sprayed on exam gloves to impart pleasant taste and odor
Protexin Mouthwash, a zinc chloride formula, is economical, conveniently-stored and eliminates heavy or bulky containers. Protexin reduces your costs by at least one-half compared to over-the-counter-rinses. Protexin Mouthwash cleans the mouth of debris and ropy saliva leaving a fresh, long-lasting taste making for more perfect impressions. Protexin Mouthwash is used either directly into chair-side cup or pre-mixed using one (1) one ounce bottle of concentrate in up to one (1) gallon of water. Protexin Mouthwash may be used in any dental unit spray without fear of clogging.