Dee Fog® Anti-Fog Treatment

  • One application should last the entire procedure
  • Provides clear, undistorted mirror vision
  • Long-lasting results
  • Pleasant aroma and taste
  • Economical Convenience
  • No pouring and dipping required
  • Works in presence of water
  • Direct application eliminates cross contamination
Dee Fog provides clear, undistorted mirror vision. Specially formulated to prevent fogging, distortion, and bubbling on glass and front surface mirrors.  It is available in liquid and spray forms depending on the needs of the practitioner.  Spray Dee Fog directly on mirror surface and shake off the excess. Dee Fog Liquid is applied by dripping a small amount and spreading it with the applicator tip evenly over the entire mirror surface.  Dee Fog Liquid is sold as (1) 1 oz bottles.  Dee Fog Spray is sold as a 2.5 oz pump spray.