Zarosen® Desensitizing Cavity Varnish and Dentinal  Tubuli Seal

  • Strontium chloride-based desensitizer
  • One bottle of Zarosen contains nearly 100 applications at a cost of 30 cents per patient
  • One-step fast-drying cavity varnish
  • One-step procedure to solving common sensitivity problems
  • Penetrates, fills and seals tubuli 
  • Tooth need not be dried prior to application 
  • May be applied to cementum, dentin, or enamel tooth structure
  • Universally compatible with all restorative materials and economical 
  • No burnishing required
  • Effectively reduces sensitivity of tooth bleaching procedures
Zarosen is not only effective, it is cost-efficient.  Providing immediate relief from hypersensitivity caused by thermal shock to exposed cementum or dentin from gum recession, erosion, post-prophy sensitivity, and/or tooth restorations.  Zarosen is indicated for after scaling, before and after prophylaxis, after cavity preparation and prior to any crown and bridge cementation and pin and post seating. It is applied topically  with cotton pledget or brush and instantly forms a hard protective film which protects, reduces acid diffusion from cement, minimizes marginal leaks, and acts as a thermal insulator. Zarosen’s special solvent retains solids in solution; therefore no replacement of thinner is ever required to maintain original viscosity.